Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2018
Art Gallery of NSW
7 July - 21 October 2018
Orange Regional Gallery
12 October - 8 December 2019



New work by Australian artists that find a connection between drawing and the moving image


In response to images found in art history, archives, newspapers, cinema and online, the artists in this exhibition use drawing to reanimate history, in a process that involves imagination, fabrication and the repurposing of prior sources.

Vernon Ah Kee creates skeletal and ghostly faces in remembrance of the 2004 Palm Island riots; Sharon Goodwin’s 3-D drawings re-vision the slippery surfaces of fact and fiction in historical narrative; and Laura Hindmarsh’s double exposures trace images of women in cinematic classics as found on the internet.

Locust Jones uses a bamboo nib to create a scrolling visual ticket tape of the daily news, while Dorota Mytych uses sand to transform archival photographs into moving drawings. Jason Phu humours us with his cheeky drawings inspired by toilet-wall graffiti and Chinese folklore; Lucienne Rickard’s graphite drawings on drafting film record memories of loved ones and the pain of loss; and Nick Strike responds to a surrealist film montage with ink and a scalpel blade.

This exhibition is supported by the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation.